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 Site Rules - Please read first and foremost

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PostSubject: Site Rules - Please read first and foremost   Sun 3 Aug - 0:48:56

Here are the rules for General If you wish to use this forum then you are agreeing to these terms.

We would appreciate all of you to adhere by these rules to save any disciplinary actions.

1. Please post new threads and topics in the appropriate forum. Don't give us reason to have to move them.

2. Personal abuse of other members is not acceptable. But please remember that this is a public forum and people are entitled to there opinions. If you do not like what has been posted then it may be wise for you to not respond to that particular thread.

3. We strongly request that users do not resort to racist, pornographic, abusive, sexual and harrasive comments to other users or the general public. We do not tolerate this and users involved in such acts will be warned or banned.

4. The laws of libel in the UK are very harsh and legal precedent means that the internet is not immune from the law in this regard. Remember that you can be identified through the information you have supplied when registering and from the IP address associated with each posting. You are liable for what you post. If the moderators of the board feel that what you have posted is potentially libellous, they will edit the post. Please do not expose the board to this risk.

5. We would rather you did not make up email addresses. You can choose for your email to be private.

6. Details that we hold about you may be released to whomever we may be required to do so by law. We will try to email before hand if permitted.

7. Do not post material that infringes on any intellectual property rights like copyright, trademark, patent and so on.

8. If you wish to advertise your products you must contact admin or a mod before hand. We do not allow products to be sold on this forum.

Please make sure that you remember these simple rules and bear in mind that these may be altered accordingly as and when, so it would be wise for you to regularly check the forum rules.

We want this forum to be as casual as possible, but these rules have to be written and you have to abide by them to be a General user.

Thank you.

Lottstar - Moderator.

"Angels fly because they take themselves so lightly"
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Site Rules - Please read first and foremost
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